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Haridwar Temperature

The climate of Haridwar is ever pleasant throughout the year. The Himalayan and Shivalik hills influence the climatic conditions of this city. The minimum temperature as witnessed in the city is 14.6 degree Celsius whereas the maximum has gone upto 46.9 degree Celsius. Summers remain warm with temperature ranging between 35 degrees to 45 degrees Celsius. During winters, the temperature declines and varies from 10 degree to 30 degree Celsius. With regard to precipitation, rainfall is quite frequent and unpredictable.

The beautiful city of Haridwar can be visited any time throughout the year. River Ganga refreshes the climate during summers and help in keeping days warm but nights pleasant. Winters, on the other hand, can get quite cold due to the same reason. Let’s take a view on the seasons of Haridwar:

Summer Season:
Enjoy the warm summers in Haridwar from March to June. Here the weather demands frequent dips in the cold water of River Ganga as the temperature varies from 15 degrees to 40 degree Celsius.

Monsoon Season:
Appreciate the showers and heavy blast of unpredictable rainfall in Haridwar. August witnesses highest rainfall in the year. Due to heavy blasts of rain, the authorities suspend river activities or baths in Ganges. The weather starts tempering better from October to November.

Winter Season:
This is the coldest time of the city as the temperatures go down up to 6 degrees sometimes. Woolen clothes and campfires keep people of Haridwar warm and cozy.

Hence, one can say that the ideal time to visit the city would be from June to September.

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