I didnt get scammed myself but it seemed too good to be true. Considering the price and lackluster "specialness" of their brand I will not be a repeat customer. I have maroon, black, and navy. Here are 11 of the best side jobs you can do from your phone in 2022. We order online frequently and they have always shipped in a timely manner. Yay! It's from wore fashion they on Instagram a lot of their outfits are similar to ones on Ali express but I guess their cami soles and tops are padded ain't sheer but still the original price is $65 and above I'm like wow It seems more size inclusive than some brands. If you have an Instagram account with any sort of reasonable size follower base then the chances are that youve been approached by various people whether through direct message or comments asking you to work with them as one of their brand ambassadors. Come on Charlotte, youve already been scammed once its time to screw your head on Of course the message you received is a scam. Look at my @littles being @cute. The salary starts at $36,414 per year and goes up to $36,252 per year for the highest level of seniority. Find the latest styles like shift dresses, boho chic looks, skater dresses, a line dresses and empire waist dresses with prints and colors she'll love. 80% of the fee will go to these charitable institutions to help the children in need. They fit really well and the design is just super cute! Damn. After the package is mailed and delivered to the designed by the customer address it does not belong to us and we cannot instruct anyone how to redirect or what to do with the package. Pineapple Clothing management was patient while I chose my first order. (2023) Fashion Nova Salary FAQs The salary trajectory of a Brand Ambassador ranges between locations and employers. Our passion: dressing women and girls in beautiful, quality clothing. FREE US SHIPPING ON $75+ ORDERS! I put up my best but really like social media. 20% OFF WITH CODE SAVE20. Two: they told me how the clothing was made. Evy's Tree 16. In addition, it is very comfortable and fits me well. Notice: This post talks about my ambassadorship with Pineapple Clothing, of which I receive a commission, and contains affiliate links. All three of my daughters wear them, as well as myself. Almost gave out my dads credit card number. Hit me up for the details so you can get to know more. So youll end up losing $20 or so as a result But theyre doing this to literally thousands of different people every single day so the guys behind these brand ambassador scams are earning thousands of dollars every day from their unsuspecting victims. Poppy Apparel 3. Thank you very much! The same goes with Bitcoin if you paid with Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) then sorry, but the moneys probably as good as gone. So, I ordered three tops, each of them should've had glitters, and I got tops with PRINTED glitters. I ordered several leggings from this company. And the fact they have a built in pocket is a steal! I only have about 335 followers but Im a Christian, and i love fashion, and makeup.. so I started a fashion blog. I am sorry to have to be abrupt, but this is important for you to learn otherwise you will just end up getting scammed again. But many of these types of scammy brands that charge kids for a fake title will spend money on ads promoting ambassador . The FNX guys are logging into accounts (which is illegal even with permission) to make it appear that some top athlete is reaching out to you to become an ambassador. Cannot recommend at all. Fashion brand ambassadors need to be passionate about fashion and their social media needs to represent that passion. Being a huge nerd, I did my due diligence. Many choices available. Heres what they told me and after reading this Im definitely having my doubts, thabks anyway. After my research, I was satisfied that they were a good company. We will give you our limited edition $125 watch for in 100% discount and in exchange we only ask you to send us a photo with you and your watch as soon as it arrives and also cover the small shipping fee will that be okay with you? Love sport leggins from Pineapple Clothing! The pocket is a nice addition and is really deep. And even if these ,products, do come to my house I will use them if I need them but I will not be promoting them after I no what I no now smh. Fml I just bought a dress with 50% discount paid $38.50 for a dress was thinking if it's worth it. You get sent the watches (which on average tend to cost around $80 apiece) & all you need to do is take some photos of yourself wearing them, then tagging the brand when you post them on your Instagram. Im impressed and the succulents on the bra and bottom of the pants make me smile. The product showed up in cheaper-than-cheap see-through white material that didn't fit. This company is the worst. Moreover, I was waiting for almost a month for the package to arrive, and after I wanted to return it, they didn't want go give me an opportunity, because it was on sale. The pants sitting a bit higher made my workout more comfortable! They're opaque, soft, and stretchy. They are relatively squat-proof in terms of transparency. Stalked their ig, with many followers and different people featured in. , The Instagram Brand Ambassador Scam Explained | How To Tell If a Brand Ambassador Opportunity Is Real | A Better Way To Make Money From Instagram | How To Get Your Money Back | The Bottom Line. PMD Beauty 4. Blacklisting, Thanks for posting this, Thanks for the heads up on that one Vicente . pineapple clothing ambassador legit. The brand, which includes clothing and accessories lines, has quickly gained popularity among music lovers and fashion enthusiasts. (A pineapple was one of the emojis, of course!). They sent a authorization number and i sent the one dress that I received with a tracking number. - Made in the USA. So I did it and got an email a while after saying Ive been chosen and all I had to do was to order up to 3 free action cameras but it said I had to pay shipping. Lululemon 9. But I think they balance out, right? Plus sizes available. Except, I have to only pay for the shipping fee and earn some percentage if someone buys the stuff using my code. When he entered the code it removed the price of the watches but left the shipping fee Naturally he thought he was getting a good deal & the website was setup to make it all seem legit, but it wasnt And he sadly got conned out of the money for shipping no watches ever turned up. Alexa rank, Because if you have lost money then Im pretty darn sure you will want it back! The best choice for running, yoga, at-home workouts or gym classes - recommend Pineapple Clothing. Really helpful !! We order online frequently and they have always shipped in a timely manner. If you genuinely like this company who approaches you and would like to put time and effort into becoming an ambassador for them, then all power to you. Not demanding, just sharing the information. The length hits right at my ankle. Primabolics Iso Ripped 2lb Caramel White Chocolate +$71.24. You can see it in our Company details in the website and also on the bio of @danielphilipwatch. Im always nervous about ordering online because, more often than not, Im in between sizes. Thank you. Date of experience: 02 January 2023. The only reason why anyone is calling out this company for this practice is because it's a relatively unknown IG company. Affiliate marketing is a truly great way to make money in general but its without a doubt one of the best ways to make money from Instagram. Hey recently even I was approached by these ppl? I almost fell into their trap I will always remember this line, should never have to pay anything. Printing and scanning is no longer the best way to manage documents. They also say they do not replace off printed leggings and cannot control this factor of their leggings. My item was delivered to the front desk, reception area, or mail room at 2:59 pm on August 12, 2022 in FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33326. High quality! I strongly hope that my post here exposing the Instagram brand ambassador scam has given you a good insight into how it all works & more importantly I hope it has helped you to avoid falling victim to it. Information provided by various external sources. This helped me from being scammed by Palmpe official, thank you! Source code, These fit well, stay up when running, and have washed well (cold water, regular heat dying). The Mirina necklace featured glass stones while the one we purchased from Amazon contained pearl-like embellishments. I continued with the program for 2 days and quickly backed out. Aside from promoting our brand, we are also doing our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as to helping to fund these charitable institutions. No wifi or air conditioning make this hotel extremely disappointing. Your post is beautiful btw , Theyre legit with wonderful customer service! They're very high-waisted and the ruching is super cute. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, You should NEVER have to pay anything upfront. They reflect the light! I had high hopes and excitement. Our passion: dressing women and girls in beautiful, quality clothing. They're made from a blend (82% microfiber poly/18% spandex) and have a shimmery finish. Excellent customer service, easy to order. Yay! Hi, I was scammed by Palmpe. (Ive heard other companies constantly check in with Have you picked yet? There is nothing to fight about so I am up a tree and out $$ When I confirmed my order, they politely told me how to post and all the other particulars. Im a size 8 in clothing, normally, and ordered a size small for my Pineapple Clothing purchases. Both were also breathable and comfortable, too. we thought the activcam thing would be a scam and you have confirmed it. be featured on our website and social media pages. We will be grateful for your support, activity, and impact. I mean, I kinda feel like Ive provided enough information on this page for you to figure it out Theres literally a whole section entitled How To Tell If a Brand Ambassador Opportunity Is Real. Pineapple Clothing Pineapple Clothing sets feel great. If you let me know, Id be happy to help. Now at 165lbs, I wear the medium and they are bit snug. The essence of our brand is feminine chic, reflected as unique prints and bold designs that make the wearer feel free, original, true to herself, uniquely polished and gorgeous - all the traits that will make her exude nothing but confidence wherever she goes. I now have a bunch of cute exercise clothing to do my workouts from home. pineapple clothing ambassador legit. Well, thats exactly what you can get through affiliate marketing. I have no desire to wear any of the other pieces I have either. Labeled Verified, theyre about genuine experiences.Learn more about other kinds of reviews. We are a worldwide community and have ambassadors in every part of the world, therefore, we decided to share some of their Instagram accounts below so you could get inspired and catch good vibes. Sorry to hear that Kelli but thanks for the comment, hopefully it helps stop others from falling for it. I gasped in delight when I unwrapped this pair. So that shows you just how much I love their product. Reply. Don't ever thought of them as a scam Helpful (0) Linnie B. on 3/17/20 Seems to have nothing common with scam, everything was okay - shipping, fast contact - nothing weird Helpful (0) Regina B. on 3/10/20 Absolutely legit, have never encountered a single problem with Pineapple Clothing Helpful (0) Add your answer Posting guidelines Adidas 21. The staple - timeless - statement pieces: Share your Pineapple Clothing's looks by tagging #HAPPYINPINEAPPLE. Our validator used 53 powerful factors to authenticate if pineapplea.com is legit. THEY DID NOT ANSWER.Is seems they are only interested in making money and not helping the customers when there are troubles. They said I get 50% off and free shipping if I become an ambassador? Survey websites allow you to take surveys online and earn points for each completed quiz or task. Our passion: dressing women and girls in beautiful, quality clothing. You just help me dude.. who is josh baldwin related to; shepherdstown jim auxer; new construction homes mn under $300k & TV; red hook terminal vessel schedule; fulton, ny police blotter; busiest airport in the world by aircraft movements; fanatics size chart youth Prom season is here, and you deserve to look and feel amazing for your big party! . And its too good to be true anyway. We live & learn I guess Michael, thats the only way you can look at it. Awesome for yoga. I chose a different bra to wear with it because I felt the tattoo bra would be too much of one pattern. To fight depression and anxiety, Im using the time to keep up with my workouts. Convenient, comfortable to choose, clear dimensional grid, excellent quality. Just to refresh your memory, here is the tracking one more time. Description of items very detailed, We offer a wide variety of unique, bold, and vibrant prints, that you wont find in any clothing line. During this COVID-19 pandemic, when were all to stay at home, Im happy to be an ambassador with them. One: They answered all my questions- even the repeats and irritatingly detailed ones- promptly and nicely. I do recommend Pineapple Clothing. Learn More, Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of, Best Paid Online Survey Sites That Are Legitimate (& Pay The, Huge List of The Best Ways To Make Money Blogging For, Are Solo Ads Worth It? but these FEEL SO HIGH QUALITY! Pineapple Clothing has a consumer rating of 4.82 stars from 203 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Leggings have great elastic band. Heres our exciting offers, so joining the ambassador team at Bonali is probably one of the COOLEST OPPORTUNITY OUT THERE!! I sized down since I was slightly closer to small then medium. Verification can help ensure real people write reviews about real companies. The top is completely see-through and you can 100% see our underwear. I love the waistband and design of these leggings, and the pockets are just very simply and convenient. Thanks! I can now recommend Pineapple Clothing to anyone who Need! You see the scammer (aka the person offering you the brand ambassadorship opportunity) will come at you with some sort of seemingly amazing offer, just like the one pictured below offering the opportunity to get free Wayward Wristwatches: Sounds good right? Great service! Glamorous, beautiful and dazzling! But Ive got some bad news, because whilst there are indeed many legitimate brand ambassador opportunities sadly at the moment theres a huge influx of brand ambassador scams on Instagram, nicknamed the Instagram pay for shipping scam. I saw your post here and I was wondering if they are a legitimate company? Trying to figure out which size to get when youre two of them, essentially, is hard. They make you pay shipping first. We are currently looking for Brand Ambassadors who are willing to represent our brand name, Bonali. For ladies who seek the ultimate in leggings for yoga or the gym! Fits true size. There are so many scammers out there, I wanted to be sure it was okay. lenawee county accidents today,
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